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Découvrez tous les produits de santé pour la gamme ZAP de votre parapharmacie en ligne.
MonCoinSanté.com a sélectionné les produits ZAP de VISIOMED pour lutter contre les poux !

Retrouver tous les produits contre les poux en cliquant ici

  1. Coffret 1 Peigne anti Poux Electronique + 1 Peigne Antilente Zap Poux VisioMed

    BOX 1 Electronic Anti-Nits Comb + 1 Anti-Lice + Towel, ZAP VisioMed

    Price: €30.90

    This BOX Zap VisioMed allows to fight the invasion of lice and parasites at the man and the child with a simple and effective way. Perfect for the start of the school year! Learn More
  2. Bracelet Anti Moustique ZAP KITO - ZapKito Bleu

    Mosquito Repellent Band Blue ZAP KITO

    Price: €11.50

    Out of stock

    This Mosquito Repellent Band ZAP KITO is adaptated for all family. With a maximal protection against mosquito, it is effective during 15 or 20 days. Waterproof and no-contact between the repulsive products and the skin.
    Several different colours! Learn More
  3. Peigne Special Lentes Metal Zap Visiomed

    Nit Metal Comb - ZAP Visiomed

    Price: €12.90

    Out of stock

    Like his counterpart ASSY 2000, this Nit Metal Comb - ZAP Visiomed imprison and kills the nits. Stainless hardened steel comb.
    Apply to dry or slightly wet hair. Learn More
  4. Peigne anti Poux Electronique Zap VisioMed X


    Price: €17.90

    Out of stock

    The electronic comb ZAP is the effective alternative to creams, shampoos and other medical treatment. When it is in contact with the insects, it generates an electric tension of 100 volts killing instantly by electric shock, whilst remaining nonperceptible for man. Learn More

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