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Scholl Soin des pieds

Découvrez tous les produits de santé pour la gamme SCHOLL de votre parapharmacie en ligne.
Scholl: treatment for hard skin, corns, and cracked heels, blister and verruca treatment. Scholl: the answer to having healthy feet!
  1. Stylo 2 en 1 Anti-Cors - Scholl Pharma - 1 ml

    2 in 1 Anti-Corn Pen - Scholl Pharma - 1ml

    Price: €7.90

    Scholl Pharma 2 in 1 Pen helps eliminate corns. Learn More
  2. Fresh Step, Pieds et Chaussures, Poudre Très Absorbante, Odeur et Humidité - Scholl, 75 g

    Fresh Step, Feet and Shoes, very absorbent powder, Odour and Humidity - Scholl, 75g

    Price: €7.90

    Fresh Step eliminates odours and absorbs humidity, 24 hour protection. Learn More
  3. Crème Nutrition Intense - Pieds Très Secs - Scholl - 60 ml

    Intense Nutrition Cream - very dry feet - Scholl - 60ml

    Price: €7.50

    Scholl Intense Nutrition cream is one of the most advanced hydrating creams. Specially formulated for feet skin, its hydrating agents penetrate into the skin to restore supple and soft feet. Learn More
  4. Solution Mycose des Ongles - Scholl Pharma - Système 2 en 1 Exclusif - 3,8 ml

    Nail Mycosis Solution - Scholl Pharma - 2 in 1 formula - 3.8ml

    Price: €14.50

    Scholl Pharma Nail Fungus Infection Solution treats nail mycosis. The 2 in 1 system of Scholl Pharma solution contains 5 throw-away files and the unique solution. Learn More
  5. Huile Nourrissante Sublime Ongles, Velvet Smooth - Scholl, 7,5 ml

    Nourishing Oil for Sublime Nails, Velvet Smooth - Scholl, 75ml

    Price: €7.90

    Velvet Smooth Nourishing Oil hydrates and nourishes nails and cuticles for perfect shiny nails. Learn More
  6. Pansements Traitement Cors Scholl, Coricides, 8 Pansements Ultra Doux pharmacie en ligne

    Pansements Traitement Cors Scholl, Coricides, 8 Pansements avec pastille Ac salicylique

    Price: €6.90

    Idéal pour traiter les cors et soulager de la douleur. Taille unique. Pansement très doux, épais pour une protection maximale à l'acide salicylique. Boites de 8 pansements coricides (pastilles) et 8 pansements protecteurs Learn More
  7. Recharge pour la Râpe électrique Anti-Callosités - Scholl, 2 Rouleaux Extra Exfoliants et Sensation Douceur

    Replacement for Electric File for hard skin - Scholl, 2 extra-exfoliating and smoothing rollers

    Price: €14.90

    The Micralumia rotative head is made up of micro-abrasive particles for long-term softness. To be used with Scholl Velvet Smooth Electric File. Learn More
  8. Kit de Remplacement x3, Velvet Smooth Sublime Ongles - Scholl

    Replacement Kit x3, Velvet Smooth Sublime Nails, Scholl

    Price: €9.90

    Get perfect shiny nails with Scholl Velvet Smooth Sublime Nails. Learn More
  9. Poudre absorbante Pieds et Chaussures 24h Scholl, 75g

    Scholl 24hour Absorbent Powder for feet and shoes, 75g

    Price: €6.50

    The Scholl Absorbent Powder neutralises excess dampness and eliminates bad odours thanks to its absorbent and anti-bacterial complex, 10 times more effective than ordinary talcum powder. Learn More
  10. Pansements Traitement Durillons Scholl, Coricides, 4 Emplâtres et Disques Acide Salicylique

    Scholl Callus Removal Pads, 4 plasters and salicylic acid disks

    Price: €6.00

    Perfect for protecting and relieving painful calluses. One size. Learn More
  11. Feutre Protecteurs Cors Scholl, Soulage la Douleur, 9 Pansements Feutres

    Scholl Corn Foam Cushions, Relieves Pain, 9 foam cushions

    Price: €3.00

    Perfect for protecting and relieving painful corns. Learn More
  12. Crème Reconstituante 3 Jours Crevasses Talons Fendillés Scholl Active Repair K+ avec 25% d'urée, 60 ml

    Scholl Cracked Heel Repair Cream K+, 60ml

    Price: €7.20

    Scholl Cracked Heel Repair Cream K+ is clinically proven to repair rough, dry and cracked skin. Fast acting, Works in 7 days. Visible results in 3 days. It is scientifically proven to aid the body's natural recovery process by stimulating skin cell re-growth and building a natural scaffold to boost skin repair. Suitable for diabetics and sensitive skin. Learn More
  13. Déodorant Fresh Step 24h Scholl, 150ml

    Scholl Fresh Step 24 hour protection Foot & Shoe Spray, 150ml

    Price: €5.90

    Scholl Fresh Step Deodorant is double action to:
    - immediately neutralise bad odours
    - provide 24 hour protection against bad odours
    Learn More

    Scholl Hard Skin Softening Cream, 60ml

    Price: €8.90

    The cream prevents calluses and hard skin from forming. It protects and nourishes feet. Learn More
  15. Tube Protecteur en gel pour Doigts / Orteils Endoloris Scholl, à couper sur mesure

    Scholl Protective Gel Tube for painful fingers and toes, cut to measure

    Price: €9.30

    Perfect for relieving pain linked to corns and irritations from rubbing. Learn More

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