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Oral B - Brosse à Dents

Découvrez tous les produits de santé pour la gamme ORAL B de votre parapharmacie en ligne.
  1. Brosse à Dents Protection Gencives - Souple - Oral B Professionnal

    Gum Protection Toothbrush - Flexible - Oral-B Professional

    Price: €3.20

    Specially designed brush head for a thorough clean of teeth and gums. Learn More
  2. Brosse à Dents Electrique pour Enfants, La Reine des Neiges - Oral B, +3 ans

    Kids Electric Toothbrush, Frozen - Oral-B, +3 years

    Price: €17.90

    Children enjoy brushing their teeth. Thanks to Oral-B Stages Power, kids can now brush their teeth using brushes with fantastic colours and heroes such as Frozens Ice Queen! Learn More
  3. Recharge Brosse Cross Action Oral B, Boite De 3

    Oral-B Cross Action Brush Head Refill, Box of 3

    Price: €13.90

    Oral-B Cross Action Brush Head refills are for electric toothbrushes that get around every tooth for a deep and effective clean. Learn More
  4. Recharge Brosse Dual Clean Oral B, Boite De 3 - pharmacie en Ligne

    Oral-B Dual Clean Brush Head Refill, Box of 3

    Price: €12.00

    The Oral-B Dual Clean Brush Head Refill is used for electric toothbrushes made up of two moving heads combined into a single brush, allowing it to offer a dual cleaning action and eliminate more plaque than a manual toothbrush classic. Learn More
  5. Fil Dentaire Ciré Mentholé Oral-B EssentialFloss - pharmacie en Ligne

    Oral-B EssentialFloss Waxed Dental Floss, Menthol

    Price: €4.50

    Oral-B EssentialFloss cleans your teeth where a brush cannot reach. This dental floss combines a specially designed filament with a polymer coating which helps the removal of plaque Easy to slide in between the teeth, it does not tear or fray between your teeth. Learn More
  6. modèle Sally

    Oral-B Kids Toothbrush with Case, 5-7 years, CARS

    Price: €2.90

    Toothbrushes for children between 5 and 7 years old are easy to use for children who brush their teeth almost by themselves, and whose milk teeth have fallen, leaving room for the final teeth. Learn More
  7. Brosse A Dents Enfant Recharge Oral B Mickey Mouse, Boite De 3 Braun EB10 pharmacie en ligne

    Oral-B Mickey Mouse Brush Head Refill for Children, Box of 3, Braun EB10

    Price: €8.90

    The Oral-B brush head refill gets around every tooth for a deep and effective cleaning. Its small and rounded shape is specially designed for children’s mouths. Learn More
  8. Recharge Brosse Ortho Care Essentials Oral B, Boite De 3

    Oral-B Ortho Care Essentials Brush Head Refill, Box of 3

    Price: €5.30

    The Ortho Care Essentials pack contains 2 brush head refills for electric toothbrushes and an easy and effective brush for braces. Learn More

    Oral-B Princesses Electric Toothbrush, +3 years - Non-rechargeable

    Price: €7.90

    Your child will love brushing their teeth with this Oral B Stage Power Disney Princess brush: Cinderella and Beauty. Learn More
  10. Brosse à Dents Electrique Oral-B Pro 700 Cross Action pharmacie en ligne

    Oral-B Pro 700 CrossAction Electric Toothbrush

    Price: €44.90

    The Oral-B Pro 700 CrossAction toothbrush naturally whitens teeth and keeps gums healthy. Learn More
  11. Brosse à Dents Electrique Oral-B Pro 700 White Clean Rechargeable

    Oral-B Pro 700 White Clean Electric Toothbrush, Rechargeable

    Price: €46.90

    The Oral-B Professional Care 700 toothbrush naturally whitens teeth and keeps gums healthy. Learn More
  12. Oral-B Pro-Expert - Dentifrice Protection Professionnelle Menthe Fraicheur Extreme - 75 ml - Combat la mauvaise Haleine et les Caries

    Oral-B Pro-Expert - Professional Protection Toothpaste - Fresh Mint - 75ml - Combats bad breath and cavities

    Price: €3.50

    Oral-B Professional Protection Toothpaste uses a poly-fluoride system with a ‘super ingredient’ (stannous fluoride) and ‘active crystals’ to provide you with that clean feeling. Learn More
  13. Oral-B Bain De Bouche Pro-Expert 24h de Protection - 500 ml - Menthe Fraîche

    Oral-B Pro-Expert Mouthwash, 24h protection - 500ml - Fresh Mint

    Price: €5.95

    The Oral-B Pro-Expert Mouthwash provides 24h protection against plaque and gum discomforts. Fresh mint flavour. Learn More
  14. Fil Dentaire Menthe Fraîche Pro-Expert Premium Oral-B, 40 m

    Oral-B Pro-Expert Premium Dental Floss, Fresh Mint, 40m

    Price: €3.20

    Slides easily between teeth to help prevent gum disease.
    Learn More
  15. Oral-B Pro-Expert Professional ~ Dentifrice Dents Sensibles ~ 75 ml

    Oral-B Pro-Expert Professional - Toothpaste for Sensitive Teeth - 75ml

    Price: €4.90

    With its fluoride formula and mint fragrance, the Oral-B Pro-Expert toothpaste prevents and relieves sensitive teeth. Learn More

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