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Medicines for cold and throat pains - Rhume

Découvrez tous les produits de santé pour la gamme MEDICINES FOR COLD AND THROAT PAINS - RHUME de votre parapharmacie en ligne.

Winter illnesses such as colds, sore throat and coughs come back every year.

Your online pharmacy offers a wide range of drugs to fight against coughs, colds and also rhinitis sore throat and angina using homoeopathy drugs.

Take a look at the articles written by our pharmacy doctor about winter illnesses on the Health Guide Winter Illnesses.

Do not hesitate to get in contact with the team for any queries or questions concerning future treatment. Self-medication has its limits, consult your doctor when needed.

Your online pharmacy offers brands such as Humex, Vicks, Actifed and even Boiron. You can choose your medication by selecting the brand of your choice.
  1. Euvanol-Respire+, Spray Nasal - Merck, 20 ml

    Euvanol-Respire+, Nasal Spray - Merck, 20ml

    Price: €5.10

    Euvanol-Respire+ helps relieve blocked noses especially during a cold. Learn More
  2. Spray Nasal Prorhinel Extra Eucalyptus 20ml pharmacie en ligne moncoinante.com

    Prorhinel Nasal Spray Extra, Eucalyptus, Nose Decongestant, 20ml

    Price: €6.60

    This new spray quickly (in less than 3 minutes) and effective unblocks the nose when suffering from a cold or rhinitis. The eucalyptus essential oil brings an immediate cooling effect. Learn More
  3. Rhume, Rhinites - CORYZALIA - Solution Buvable En Récipient Unidose - Voie Orale - Enfants De Plus De 18 Mois - 20 Récipients Unidoses

    Rhume, Rhinites - CORYZALIA - Solution Buvable En Récipient Unidose - Voie Orale - Enfants De Plus De 18 Mois - 20 Récipients Unidoses

    Price: €8.50

    CORYZALIA est un médicament homéopathique indiqué dans le traitement symptomatique des rhumes, rhinites, coryzas, rhumes des foins. Réservé à l'adulte et l'enfant de plus de 18 mois. Learn More
  4. Sinapisme Rigollot Sachet De 10 Sinapismes | pharmacie en ligne

    Sinapisme Rigollot, Sachet of 10 Cataplasm Sheets

    Price: €12.90

    This is used as decongestant for respiratory illnesses (colds, coughs, bronchitis) for adults. It has a counter-irritant effect. It is taken orally. Learn More
  5. Actifed Air Spray - Nez Bouché Rhinite Rhume - Spray Nasal 10ml pharmacie en ligne

    Actifed Air Spray - Blocked Nose, Rhinitis, Cold - Nasal Spray, 10ml

    Price: €5.70

    Out of stock

    This spray of ectoine hypertonic salt water solution decongests the nose and the sinuses. For a blocked nose, colds or rhinitis or even dry nasal mucous this spray is suitable for adults and children over 6. Learn More
  6. Spray Nez Très Bouché Sinusite, Rhume, Humer, Flacon De 15 ml | pharmacie en ligne

    Nasal Spray for blocked sinusitis, colds - Humer, 15ml vial

    Price: €10.50

    Out of stock

    Humer quickly unblocks the nose and relieves the pressure in the sinuses and relieves pain. The solution is enriched with plant extracts and helps eliminate bacteria and viruses. Learn More
  7. Rhinobronc Viral Spray Nasal, soulage les premiers symptômes du rhume, Iota-Carraghénane 1.2mg/ml, anciennement SurbroncViral

    Rhinobronc Viral Nasal Spray, relieves the first symptoms of a cold, iota-Carraghenane 1.2mg/ml, previously SurbroncViral

    Price: €8.50

    Out of stock

    Rhinobronc Viral is a spray that provides a physical barrier against viruses in the nose.
    Rhinobronc Viral is as a supplement to other cold treatments caused by viruses.
    The nasal spray from the France Boehringer laboratories helps reduce cold symptoms especially the first signs of a cold. (140 sprays).
    Learn More

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