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Traitement poux et lentes

Découvrez tous les produits de santé pour la gamme LICE de votre parapharmacie en ligne.
Vous trouverez ici tous nos produits pour lutter efficacement contre les poux.
  1. Anti Poux Lotion, Puressentiel, 100 ml + Peigne

    Anti-Lice Lotion, Puressentiel, 100ml + Comb

    Price: €15.95

    This Puressentiel Anti-Lice product eliminates lice, worms and nits in just 10 minutes. This pack contains a metal to comb to help remove all nits and lice after using the anti-lice lotion. Learn More
  2. Spray Anti-Poux, Traitement Complet Poux et Lentes - Full Marks, 150 ml + 1 Peigne

    Anti-Lice Spray, Complete Lice and Nit Treatment - Full Marks, 150ml + 1 comb

    Price: €17.90

    Full Marks Anti-Lice Spray is a complete treatment against lice and nits. Learn More
  3. Anti Poux, Repulsif Poux Spray, Puressentiel, 75 ml

    Anti-Lice, Lice Repellent Spray - Puressentiel, 75 ml

    Price: €8.90

    Puressentiel Lice Repellent Spray is a preventative measure against head lice. In case of an epidemic it prevents an infestation on the scalp. Learn More
  4. Anti Poux, Répulsif Poux Spray - Puressentiel, Format Familial 200 ml

    Anti-Lice, Lice Repellent Spray - Puressentiel, Family size, 200ml

    Price: €19.90

    Puressentiel Lice Repellent Spray is a preventative measure against head lice. Practical and easy spray to use with a fresh and pleasant fragrance. It does not ruin or make hair greasy. Can be used for adults and children older than 3 years of age. Learn More
  5.  Apaisyl Xpert - Anti Poux et Lentes - Peigne et Lotion Traitante 200 ml Format Familial + 50ml Offert

    Apaisyl Xpert - Anti-Lice & Nits - Comb and Lotion Treatment 200ml, Family Size + 50ml free

    Price: €18.50

    Apaisym Xpert works against lice and nits. Its patented formula does not contain any chemical insecticides avoiding any risk of toxicity and resistance linked to insecticides. The Apaisyl Xpert micro-emulsion combines finely mixed and stabilised oily and aqueous substances.
    Learn More
  6. Traitement Complet, Lotion Anti-Poux avec Peigne + Shampooing Pouxdoux - Puressentiel

    Complete Treatment, Anti-Lice Lotion with comb + PouxDoux shampoo - Puressentiel

    Price: €22.90

    This Puressentiel anti-lice special offer is a complete treatment with an anti-lice lotion and comb as well as PouxDoux shampoo. No hair damage. Pleasant smell. Learn More
  7. Lotion anti Poux Extra Forte - Pouxit XF - Format Familial 200 ml+50 ml offert

    Extra Strong Anti-Lice Lotion - Pouxit XS - Family Size 200ml+50ml free

    Price: €17.50

    An effective remedy to treat lice and nits only in 15 minutes! Learn More
  8. Spray Textiles Antiparasitaire - Puressentiel, 150 ml

    Head Lice Protection Lotion- Puressentiel, Family Size, 200ml

    Price: €13.90

    Puressentiel Head Lice Protection Lotion radically eliminates lice, worms and nits in 10 minutes. Learn More
  9. KO Poux, Gel Crème Anti-Poux Sans Insecticide, Elimine Poux et Lentes, Diméticone, Sans Odeur 100ml ITEM

    KO Poux, Anti-Lice Cream/Gel with insecticides, Eliminates Lice and Nits, Dimeticone, Fragrance-free, 100ml

    Price: €10.90

    K.O. Poux is a treatment to get rid of lice by asphyxia. Perfectly tolerated and there is no risk of resistance by the insect as this treatment does not contain any insecticides. Poux is the perfect alternative to other traditional anti-lice treatments. Learn More
  10. Paranix Extra Fort Lotion Traitement Anti Poux Et Lentes + Peigne | pharmacie en ligne

    Lotion Traitement Anti Poux et Lentes Paranix Extra Fort + Peigne

    Price: €16.50

    La lotion anti-poux & lentes extra-fort élimine 100% des poux et des lentes en 1 seule application de 10 minutes. Sa formule double action à base de Lyclol et de diméthicone agit à tous les stades de développement du pou et élimine les larves, les lentes et les poux adultes. Elle est facile à appliquer, incolore et inodore Learn More
  11. Peigne Special Lentes Metal Zap Visiomed | pharmacie en ligne

    Nit Metal Comb - ZAP Visiomed

    Price: €14.90

    Like his counterpart ASSY 2000, this Nit Metal Comb - ZAP Visiomed imprison and kills the nits. Stainless hardened steel comb.
    Apply to dry or slightly wet hair. Learn More
  12. Paranix Extra Fort Spray Antiparasitaire Environnement 150 ml | pharmacie en ligne

    Paranix Anti-parasite room spray for lice and nits, 150ml + 25% free 225ML

    Price: €8.90

    Paranix Room Spray treats head lice and nits (bed, toys, games, clothes...). This anti-parasite spray is made of pyrethrinoids (bifenthrin) for use on clothes in the case of an lice or nit infestation (stain-free). Learn More
  13. Après-Shampooing Protecteur Pouxdoux - Soin Démêlant - Puressentiel 200ml

    PouxDoux Protecting Conditioner - Conditioning treatment - Puressentiel 200ml

    Price: €9.50

    Composed of organic essential oils (lavender, lavandin, ylang ylang, geranium). This conditioner is perfect for detangling hair and getting rid of dead lice and nits. Frequent use alongside the anti-lice treatment products. Learn More
  14. Shampooing Pouxdoux En Complement du Traitement Anti-Poux - Puressentiel 200ml

    PouxDoux Shampoo as an accompaniment to Anti-Lice Treatment - Puressentiel 200ml

    Price: €7.90

    The PouxDoux shampoo does not damage hair and can be used on a daily basis. Pleasant fragrance. It is used as an accompaniment to anti-lice treatments. Cleanses the scalp and helps get rid of nits and dead lice. Learn More
  15. Pouxit Baume Décolleur De Lentes + Peigne, 100g

    Pouxit Baume Décolleur De Lentes + Peigne, 100g

    Price: €11.70

    Grâce à sa formule brevetée, formulée à base d’isononyl isononanoate, le baume permet le relâchement de la gaine de la lente qui entoure le cheveu. Learn More

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