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Découvrez tous les produits de santé pour la gamme FOOD SUPPLEMENTS - NATURACTIVE de votre parapharmacie en ligne.

All Food Supplements

Food supplements can be beneficial in different situations in life. If it is for tiredness or stress or if you want to look after your skin in the sun or if you have heavy legs, there are many food supplements available for you.

The advantage of food supplements is that they can help you during worries in your life. Duab, for example fights against urinary infections so you do not have to resort to medication.

Our medical team is here to advise you on all food supplements. If you need a boost, do not hold back.

Food Supplements

  1. Complement alimentaire Vitalité Naturactive ELUSANES, 15 Sticks

    Complement alimentaire Vitalité Naturactive ELUSANES, 15 Sticks

    Price: €8.90

    Elusanes vitalité est conseillé en cas de fatigue passagère, en particulier aux changements de saison. Sa formule contient des extraits fluides aux effets complémentaires : Ginseng, Gelée royale et Propolis. Learn More
  2. DORIANCE Solaire 2 x 30 Capsules , Naturactive, bague offerte

    DORIANCE Solaire 2 x 30 Capsules , Naturactive, bague offerte

    Price: €26.90

    Les capsules solaires préparent votre peau au soleil et permettent de protéger votre peau contre les radicaux libres et améliorent la tolérance au soleil. Ce lot, permet de préparer votre peau avant une exposition mais aussi de prolonger le hâle obtenu Learn More

    Gelée Royale Naturactive ELUSANES, 1500 Mg

    Price: €9.90

    Elusanes gelée royale 1 500 mg est recommandé en tant que reconstituant et peut être proposé en complément d'un traitement contre la fatigue. Learn More
  4. Naturactive Cure Détox + Minceur Stick Fluide 30 jours de traitement, Goût Citron et Agrumes - parapharmacie en ligne France

    Naturactive Detox Liquid Sachets, 15 sachets for 15 days of treatment, Lemon flavour

    Price: €24.90

    Naturactive Detox helps with the functioning of the disposal mechanisms of the body. Learn More
  5. Autobronzant Naturactive Doriance Dermo NUTRITION, Lot De 2* 30 Capsules + 1 collier offert*

    Naturactive Doriance Dermo NUTRITION Self-Tanning, Pack of 2x30 capsules + 1 free bracelet*

    Price: €26.90

    Doriance Self-Tan provides a natural tan without exposure to the sun. 2 capsules per day. Learn More
  6. Sureau Naturactive - 30 Gélules

    Naturactive Elderberry - 30 capsules

    Price: €5.95

    The elderberry berries increase resistance to winter illnesses. Learn More
  7. Sticks Fluides Articulation Naturactive Elusane, 15 sticks à diluer

    Naturactive Elusane Articulation Liquid Sachets, 15 sachets to dilute

    Price: €8.90

    The nettle leaf extract is recommended for its soothing effect on joint pain. Its active ingredients are good for the back and cartilages. Learn More
  8. Sticks Circulation Naturactive ELUSANES, Lot De 2 x 15 Sticks

    Naturactive ELUSANES Circulation Sachets, Pack 2 x 15 Sachets

    Price: €13.90

    Elusanes Circulation Sachets improves circulation to reduce the feeling of heavy legs. Learn More
  9. Complement alimentaire Circulation Naturactive ELUSANES, 15 Sticks Fluides pour 15 jours de traitement

    Naturactive Food Supplement for Circulation, ELUSANES, 15 liquid sachets for 15 days of treatment

    Price: €8.90

    Elusanes Circulation helps venous circulation to make heavy legs lighter. The formula contains liquid extracts with additional effects: Red vine, cherry, blueberry Learn More
  10. Complement alimentaire Digestion Naturactive ELUSANES, 15 Sticks Fenouil Romarin et Sauge

    Naturactive Food Supplement for Digestion, ELUSANES, 15 sachets of Fennel, Rosemary & Sage

    Price: €9.00

    Elusanes Digestion helps daily digestion. Particularly recommended during the end of winter, it helps the digestive system to get back balancing function. The formula contains liquid extracts with additional effects: Fennel, Rosemary and Sage
    Learn More
  11. Complement alimentaire Gênes Urinaires Récidivantes Naturactive URISANOL, 28 Sticks

    Naturactive Food Supplement for Repeat Urinary Discomfort, URISANOL, 28 sticks

    Price: €13.50

    Urisanol helps women protect themselves against repeat urinary infections. Learn More
  12. Naturactive Piloselle, 30 Gelules 15 jours de Traitement, Draineur, Pierre Fabre

    Naturactive Hawkweed, 30 capsules, 15 day treatment, Drainer, Pierre Fabre

    Price: €5.95

    The Naturactive Hawkweed capsules drain and eliminate water from the kidneys. Learn More
  13. Spray Gorge Naturactive PHYTAROMA, 20ml

    Naturactive PHYTORAMA Throat Spray, 20ml

    Price: €7.00

    Phytaroma throat spray helps calm and soothe the throat. It is made up of plant extracts and essentials oils. It is recommended for throat irritations specifically during the winter months.
    Learn More
  14. Naturactive Transit Stick Fluide, Acacia, Tamarin, Pruneau 15 Sticks

    Naturactive Transit Liquid Sachet - Acacia, Tamarind, Prune, 15 sachet sticks

    Price: €9.90

    Elusanes Transit, made from acacia, tamarind and prune extracts, improves intestinal transit due to its high fibre content.
    Learn More
  15. Ysomega 1 G Naturactive, 60 Capsules Molles  anti triglyceride

    Naturactive Ysomega 1g, 60 soft capsules

    Price: €15.90

    Ysomega is recommended as a diet supplement in the treatment of certain hypertriglyceridemia, when an adapted and assiduous diet has proved inadequate. Learn More

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