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Oils for Aerial Diffusion

Découvrez tous les produits de santé pour la gamme DIFFUSION de votre parapharmacie en ligne.
In this page you can find the lists of essential oils to be diffused, with an essential oils diffuser.

  1. Complexe Respiration Esculape Pour Diffuseur d'huiles essentielles Phytosun Aroms, 30 ml pharmacie en ligne moncoinsante.com

    Aesculapius Respiration Complex for Essential Oils Diffuser - Phytosun Aroms - 30ml

    Price: €8.50

    The complex cleanses and purifies the air of your house, apartment and protects you from winter and spring time infections. Learn More
  2. Spray Respiration Esculape - Phytosun Aroms, 30 ml

    Aesculapius Respiration Spray - Phytosun Aroms, 30ml

    Price: €7.90

    The respiration spray is made up of 100% natural essential oils (HEBBD) with anti-septic, calming and purifying properties adapted for the winter and spring-time periods. Learn More

    Air Purifying Diffuse Blend for Diffuser, Puressentiel, 30ml

    Price: €8.90

    The eucalyptus globulus, Sylvester pine and lemon essential oils are used in this blend to kill germs, reduce allergies and help with breathing more purified air. Learn More
  4. Spray Nuit Calme Aux Huiles Essentielles Bébé - Gifrer - 20 ml

    Baby Calming Night Spray with Essential Oils - Gifrer - 20ml

    Price: €7.50

    The night time spray relaxes you before going to sleep. It contains 4 essential oils: Sweet orange, lavender, palmarosa and bitter orange. Learn More
  5. Huile Essentielle De Bergamotier Phytosun Aroms, 5 ml, HEBBD

    Bergamot orange Essential Oil, Phytosun Aroms, 5ml, HEBBD - Citrus Bergamia

    Price: €6.30

    This essential oils treats digestion discomfort and is a digestive anti-spasmodic, disinfectant and mouth anti-inflammatory. Learn More
  6. Huile Essentielle - Myrrhe Amère = Commiphora Myrrha, 5 ml, Phytosun Aroms

    Bitter Myrrh Essential Oil, Commiphora Myrrha, 5 ml, Phytosun Aroms

    Price: €8.90

    Mouth mycosis, skin irritations, bronchitis, lung & skin anti-septic and stomach analgesic. Learn More
  7. Complex' 11 Huiles Essentielles Air Pur Bio Pour Diffusion, Naturactive, Flacon De 30 ml

    Complex' Organic 11 Essential Oils for Clean Air Diffusion, Naturactive, 30ml bottle

    Price: €9.90

    Use the Clean Air Blend with 11 essential oils with a diffuser to cleanse your body. Learn More
  8. Complex' 5 Huiles Essentielles Sommeil Bio Pour Diffusion, Naturactive, Flacon De 30 ml

    Complex' Organic 5 Sleep Essential Oils for Diffusion, Naturactive, 30ml bottle

    Price: €9.90

    Use the blend of 5 essential oils with a diffuser to let you get a peaceful and calm nights’ sleep. Learn More
  9. Complex' 6 Huiles Essentielles Tonus Bio Pour Diffusion, Naturactive, Flacon De 30 ml

    Complex’ Tonus Organic 6 Protection Essential Oils for Diffusion, Naturactive, 30ml bottle

    Price: €9.90

    Use the blend of 6 essential tonus oils with a diffuser to bring back your energy. Learn More
  10. Huile Essentielle - Cajeput Bio Naturactive, 5 ml | pharmacie en ligne

    Essential Oil - Organic Cajuput, Naturactive, 5 ml

    Price: €6.90

    Pulmonary infections, Bronchitis Mucolytic expectorant, anti-bacterial Learn More
  11. Huile Essentielle - Eucalyptus Citronné Bio - Puressentiel - 10ml moncoinsante.com

    Essential Oil - Organic Lemon-flavoured Eucalyptus - Puressentiel - 10ml

    Price: €4.20

    Treats: Inflammatory rheumatism, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial. Mosquito and lice repellent & sports massages. Learn More
  12. Huiles Essentielles pour Diffusion, Happy - Puressentiel, 30 ml

    Essential Oils for diffusion, Happy - Puressentiel, 30ml

    Price: €9.90

    6 “anti-dullness” essential oils (Ylang ylang, Ceylon cinnamon, geranium, sweet orange, patchouli, sandalwood and amyris) with delicately scented tones both joyous, sweet, floral, sun protecting and sweet. An optimising olfactory bubble of happiness puts the young and old in a good mood.
    Learn More
  13. Huiles Essentielles pour Diffusion, Méditation - Puressentiel, 30 ml

    Essential Oils for diffusion, Meditation - Puressentiel, 30ml

    Price: €9.90

    4 essential oils (Ceylon cinnamon, rosewood of Asia, Cedrus Atlantica and Cedrus Elemi) invite you to meditate and “let go”. The delicate and soft tones of the Rosewood, the woody and warm ones of the Cedrus Atlantica; a comforting, majestic and wise tree helps you to forget your daily anxieties. Let the aromas allow you to focus on positive thinking and find your inner balance.
    Learn More
  14. Huiles Essentielles pour Diffusion, Provence - Puressentiel, 30 ml

    Essential Oils for diffusion, Provence - Puressentiel, 30ml

    Price: €9.90

    Let yourself be carried away by the mixture of subtle smells of 5 essential oils (real lavender, rosewood of Asia, lavendin gross, marjoram shells, sage) with soothing olfactory virtues. Their comforting and enticing scents combine the heavy aromas of garigue and lavender fields and remind us of the sweet torpor of summer, the singing of the cicadas and the light breeze drying the laundry in the sun. Learn More
  15. Huile Essentielle Encens Oliban, Boswellia carterii, Phytosun Arôms, 5ml

    Frankincense Essential Oil, Boswellia carterii, Phytosun Arôms, 5ml

    Price: €9.90

    Skin infections with increase of stress, distress, irritated skin or state of anxiety. Anti-bacterial, healing, anti-depressant. Learn More

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