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Découvrez tous les produits de santé pour la gamme AROMATHERAPY de votre parapharmacie en ligne.

All aromatherapy and phytotherapy products

Before becoming a licensed pharmacy, MonCoinSanté began in 2010 offering essential oils, aromatherapy and phytotherapy products.

We offer a wide range of essential oils and essential oil diffusers of brands such as Puressentiel, Naturactive, Le Comptoir Aroma and Phytosun Aroms.

Whether you want to simply cleanse the air, have a nice scented home or relieve joint and muscle pain.

Whether you are struggling against an allergy or want to repel insects naturally, there are products made of essential oils for each of these uses.

Do not hesitate to get in contact for any advice on essential oils or diffusers. There are a number of treatments made of essential oils for aches and pains. We are at your service for all medical advice.

Aromatherapy and Phytotherapy

L'aroma thérapie

  1. Spray Respiration Esculape - Phytosun Aroms, 30 ml

    Aesculapius Respiration Spray - Phytosun Aroms, 30ml

    Price: €7.90

    The respiration spray is made up of 100% natural essential oils (HEBBD) with anti-septic, calming and purifying properties adapted for the winter and spring-time periods. Learn More

    Air Purifying Diffuse Blend for Diffuser, Puressentiel, 30ml

    Price: €8.90

    The eucalyptus globulus, Sylvester pine and lemon essential oils are used in this blend to kill germs, reduce allergies and help with breathing more purified air. Learn More
  3. Allergen'Spray Bio Aux 11 Huiles Essentielles Naturactive, Flacon 100ml - pharmacie en ligne

    Allergen'Spray Bio Aux 11 Huiles Essentielles Naturactive, Flacon 100ml

    Price: €12.90

    Allergen'Spray Bio Aux 11 Huiles Essentielles Naturactive, Flacon 100ml Learn More
  4. Puressentiel Anti Pique Roller Aux 11 Huiles Essentielles - parapharmacie pas cher

    Anti-Bite Roller with 11 essential oils, Puressentiel, 5 ml

    Price: €7.50

    This anti-bite roller disinfects and soothes bites from mosquitoes, ticks, ants... Learn More
  5. Lot de 2 Puressentiel Anti Pique Roller Aux 11 Huiles Essentielles - parapharmacie pas cher

    Anti-Bite Roller with 11 Essential Oils, Puressentiel, Pack of 2x5ml - soothing roller

    Price: €13.50

    This roller:
    • Drives away insects and biting animals
    • Disinfects and soothes bites
    Learn More
  6. Coffret Minceur Anti-Cellulite - Puressentiel Minceur : 2 Huiles Sèches Minceur + Ventouse Celluli VAC Offerte

    Anti-Cellulite Firming Box set - Persistent zones - Puressential Firming: 2 firming oils + Celluli VAC vacuum cup

    Price: €34.90

    This anti-cellulite firming box set includes two Puressentiel firming oils with 18 essential oils and a Puressentiel Celluli VAC vacuum cup. It allows you to do the palpate-roll massage at home; one of the most effective ways to combat cellulite. Learn More
  7. Arnicrème Fatigue Musculaire et Courbatures tube de 70 g - Boiron homeopathie phytotherapie

    Arnicrème Fatigue Musculaire et Courbatures tube de 70 g - Boiron

    Price: €6.90

    Arnicrème est formulée à partir de plante fraîche d'Arnica Montana reconnue pour ses propriétés apaisantes depuis plusieurs centaines d'années.
    Après tout type d'effort physique, masser les zones particulièrement sollicitées avec Arnicrème en cas de fatigue musculaire ou de sensation de courbatures. Le massage avec Arnicrème aide à la récupération musculaire progressive après l'effort.
    Learn More
  8. Capsules Confort Urinaire Aromadoses aux Huiles Essentielles, 30 capsules Phytosun Aroms

    Aromadoses Urinary Comfort Capsules with Essential Oils, 30 capsules, Phytosun Aroms

    Price: €11.50

    Phytson Aroms urinary comfort capsules contain juniper, savory, thyme thymol and rosemary cineole essential oils. Learn More
  9. Baume Articulations et Muscles Aux 14 Huiles Essentielles, Puressentiel, 30 ml, pour les Douleurs Aigues

    Articulation Balm with 14 essential oils, Puressentiel, 30ml, for acute pain

    Price: €11.60

    To help:
    • Rapidly relieve joint pain
    • Relax and calm muscular contractions
    1st effect: cold from the menthol then warmth from the camphor.

    Learn More
  10. Gel Articulations Aux 14 Huiles Essentielles, Puressentiel, Lot de 2x60 ml Pharmacie en ligne

    Articulation Gel with 14 Essential Oils, Puressentiel, Batch of 2x60ml

    Price: €17.90

    The 14 essential oils in the Puressentiel Articulation Gel have anti-inflammatory, analgesics, anti-stiffness and anti-swelling properties which allow a relaxing and soothing effect.
    They help loosen-up joint and muscular tensions, relieve the pain and stiffness and regain flexible movements. 2x60ml.
    Learn More

    Articulations Heating Patches, 14 essential oils, Puressentiel

    Price: €13.20

    The Puressentiel Articulations range is to help relieve joint pain and relax and calm muscular contractions. The 14 essential oils contain relaxing, anti-stiffness and anti-swelling properties combined with a heating effect and an immediate long-lasting calming effect. This range is advised for sport players (before and after exercise) and for those who have current or recurrent pain. Learn More
  12. Roller Maux De Tete Aux 9 Huiles Essentielles, Puressentiel, 5 ml

    Articulations Roller with 14 Essential Oils - Pack of 2 rollers - Puressentiel

    Price: €18.90

    The 14 essential oils in this roller have anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-stiffness and anti-swelling properties; they are calming and relaxing. Pack of 2. Learn More

    Awaken your Senses Organic Care and Massage Oil, Ylang Ylang, Ginger, Puressentiel, 100ml

    Price: €12.90

    Delicate elixir of olfactory and sensual pleasure, this massage oil emphasises the sensuality of touch. The thrill of the Rosewood, Benzoin, Ginger and Ylang-Ylang essential oils gives the massage a real stimulating and tender feel. The toning and stimulating properties of the ginger combined with the relaxing effect of the Ylang Ylang awaken the senses. Learn More
  14. Huile Essentielle Basilic, Ocimum basilicum, Phytosun Arôms, 10ml

    Basil Essential Oil, Ocimum basilicum, Phytosun Arôms, 10ml

    Price: €5.90

    Painful spasms, digestive problems, abdominal pain, colitis, indigestion, farting, bloating, allergenic. Learn More
  15. Levure De Bière - Naturactive, 24 Gélules

    Brewer’s Yeast - Naturactive, 24 capsules

    Price: €4.50

    The brewer’s yeast looks after the hair and nails.

    Learn More

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